Nordic Sweater Mittens

Our Nordic Sweater Mittens are made with authentic, wool Nordic sweaters. These sweaters are not only works of art, but are also made of high-quality wool to withstand the harsh winter winds. Each mitten is lined with polar fleece for added warmth.

Baby & Toddler Elf Hats

Inspired by the elves of Scandinavian folklore, our Baby & Toddler Elf Hats will keep your little one cozy and warm. Each hat is made from 100% wool, upcycled sweaters, colorful Nordic ribbon, and is lined with soft polar fleece. Sizes from 0–24 months.

Wool Sweater Mittens

Each pair of our Wool Sweater Mittens uses three different upcycled sweaters and unique vintage buttons to create one-of-a-kind designs. We only use 100% wool sweaters, and line each mitten with polar fleece so they’re sure to be cozy and warm.



Summer bonnets

What is sweeter than a little girl in a summer bonnet? Not much! Our bonnets are lovingly handmade using vintage table linens and unusual fabrics. They are fully lined, so they are reversible, and have Swedish Braid ribbons.

Nordic Sweater Purses

Nordic Purses are a stylish way to carry your essentials on all your fall and winter outings. These purses are handmade using upcycled Nordic wool sweaters and braid from Skellingyard, Sweden.

Swedish braid bracelets

We just love Swedish Braid! Here is our newest design, perfect complement to your summer wardrobe, especially all things denim. Check our all our designs, made from braid woven in Skellingyard, Sweden