Childcraft books inspire young makers via Steller Handcrafted Goods blog

I have been designing and making products for Steller Handcrafted Goods for almost seven years now.  I absolutely LOVE this part of my life and sometimes reflect on how it is that I got here.

The fact is, for as long as I can remember I have liked making things.

I can remember paging through the Make and Do volume of the the CHILDCRAFT books published by World Book Encyclopedia, dreaming about all the projects that were possible. “Make Your Own Slippers” was one that caught my eye and my imagination.  I had no adult direction, no help that I can remember (except my mother must have given me a needle and thread.) I just jumped in with enthusiasm and confidence unhindered by my lack of experience (a trait that still marks many of my projects!)

I was probably nine or ten years old.  I can picture myself sitting in the maple rocker that was in my room, absorbed in sewing this spectacular pair of slippers for my younger sister. I even used recycled materials before it was the hip thing to do: silk from a broken umbrella, pieces of a muslin sheet found in the rag bag, stray buttons from my mother’s sewing basket and cardboard from my father’s dry-cleaned shirts.

The delight I felt in MAKING imprinted on my heart and is almost palatable as I think back to that scene.

I do not remember actually giving these to my sister: only making them. 


She remembered, however, and when I was reminiscing with her a few years back about how much I loved making this gift for her, she announced that she still had them! Within days she had brought them to me, safely protected in her red, zippered retainer case.

Childhood handmade slippers via Steller Handcrafted Goods blog

I was so thrilled to see them after all these years! I remembered how proud I had been of my lovely creations, and how much joy I had in the actual making. I look at  those funny stitches that I so painstakingly had sewed and admire the little hands that worked with such determination. 



So I would suggest that a love of making things has always been a part of me. I have enjoyed a lifetime of creating useful and beautiful things for myself and for others, though perhaps none as memorable as these slippers!

Do you remember your first crafting experience? How old were you? What did you make?

Who influenced you creatively as a child?

Comment below: we'd love to hear your story!